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Posted on 09/02/13 10:06PM

There has been a noticeable increase in spam being received from Telecom NZ email addresses. These include email accounts ending in @xtra.co.nz , yahoo.co.nz etc, and usually includes a link to malware. We suggest deleting these emails immediately, and do not click on any links in the email. Should you click on the email, make sure you do a full malware scan on your PC, as it could potentially cause a compromise on your hosting and email accounts.

This is not something that is affecting our services, but a general problem that is currently occurring on the Internet at the moment. Apparently Telecom are currently investigating the problem.

Therefore if you are receiving a lot of spam from email addresses ending in @xtra.co.nz, or @yahoo.co.nz, this will be the reason, and please delete them. Please contact Telecom for more information by googling 'telecom nz'.

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