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This Emergency Support Request form is solely for genuine emergencies outside our normal business hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday (NZ Time, excluding public holidays).

Please note at ALL emergency support tickets will be charged for. The only exception is if you are alerting us to a widespread problem caused by a failure of one or more of our systems, that is affecting the entire network, not just your website or email. If it is only affecting your website or email, we don't consider that a widespread issue, and you will still be charged.

Our definition of 'Emergency' is defined below.

If you instead have an urgent request during normal business hours, please instead use our Priority Support Form, which is staffed during our normal business hours.

Our staff require their rest like anyone else, and we would appreciate it if non-urgent requests were sent via our normal contact form, by clicking here, to be dealt with inside our normal working hours. If there is a known issue with the server, then it will be posted on our Network Status page when it has been identified or reported, which you can find by clicking here.

A 'Genuine Emergency' is defined as any of the following:

  • Your website is no longer visible on the internet, and this is solely the result of  a server issue at our end, so is unable to be fixed at the clients end.  If your website was designed by a third party, and you are only using our web hosting services, please first check with your web designer to check that the failure isn’t the result of a website software problem with your website. Even if your website displays an error saying 'server error' it is still very likely it is a software issue on your website.  If your website was designed by the Lounge Network or associated businesses, then yes please feel free to contact us. Many website loading problems are caused by the ISP you are using. Please also read our Troubleshooting Web Hosting Guide & check our Network Status page before contacting us.

  • You cannot receive your emails due to a fault or error with the server at our end. Please make sure it is not a problem with your ISP or your own personal internet /network connection or email client setup (please attempt to login to your webmail first to verify this, or check with your ISP that they aren’t experiencing problems). In most cases email issues are a problem with the clients computer or the ISP they are using. Please also read our Troubleshooting Email Guide & check our Network Status page before contacting us.

We would like to ask that unless your request is a genuine emergency, as outlined above, you limit support requests to  the Lounge Network Team to normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm excluding public holidays).
It is very important to understand that although our servers are monitored 24x7 365 days a year by the server technicians at the datacentre, that we do not operate a 24 hour client support-desk.  We do however often answer emails outside of normal business hours, however this is a courtesy and not a commitment. Should there be a problem with the servers, it is more than likely that the server technicians are already working on a resolution for restoring service.

We also do not guarantee that our products will be 100% perfect all of the time, due to the complex technical nature of the products we offer. Sometimes, for a large variety of reasons things will not work perfectly and unless it is a dire emergency (as outlined above) we will not deal with it outside of business hours. Like everyone, all of our team needs their time off for rest and relaxation and for their respective families. This time can quickly be eroded through 'non-emergency' after-hour communication.

Domain name expiry is a common reason a website and email will stop working. However we do not consider this a reason to submit an emergency support request, as this it is the clients responsibility to make sure that they have renewed their domain name well before it's expiry date. If your domain name has expired, you can renew it through our Domain Manager at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. Please note that if you do submit this form for a domain name issue, you will be charged our minimum emergency support fee.

If you are currently experiencing an issue or need help that you need to have addressed as a priority within normal business hours, please instead consider using our Priority Support Form, by clicking here .

Solutions to many issues you may experience can be found in our Online Knowledge Base, which you can find here. Our online knowledge base contains answers to literally hundreds of frequently asked questions and issues, and it covers answers to most common questions.

The form below can be used to log an Genuine Emergency Request' with the Lounge Network. Please read the following information very carefully.

When you submit the form below, a 'Emergency Support Request' will be logged in our systems and our on call staff member will be emailed directly. All Emergency requests, clients who submit the request will instantly be billed a minimum $200+gst call-out fee, which will cover up to the first hour of time we spend on the issue. Subsequent charges of $200+gst per hour will apply after the first hour. This charge will however be refunded where you are alerting us to a widespread network problem. If there is a known issue with the server, then it will be posted on our Network Status page, which you can find by clicking here.

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