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Posted on 18/06/12 04:24PM

The data centre are going to be rebooting a group of servers over the next few days. Reboots are scheduled to start from 10 PM US pacific time on each day. The purpose of this reboots is to update the kernel running on each server to the latest stable one (3.3.x series) with security patches applied. The version of the kernel running on the servers are relatively old and needs to be updated. By rebooting the server to the latest updated kernel series, all servers will be more secure and free from kernel level vulnerabilities.

We expect these to go quite smoothly, with an average downtime of 5 mins each. There will be staff onsite in case of problems. Certain servers can enter into force filesystem check upon reboot and in that case, there maybe downtime close an hour depending upon the pace in which the filesystem check proceeds.

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