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Posted on 12/12/11 06:32PM

Scope of Work: PCI Compliance
Time: From 10:00PM PST (GMT -8:00) Friday December 16, 2011.

PCI Compliance is becoming a standard across all sites handling credit card transactions. For PCI compliance, several reputed agencies like Security Metrics conduct scans on servers hosting the particular website requiring PCI compliance. In most scan results, port 3306 comes up as a security vulnerability. Port 3306 is assigned to MySQL database server for inbound and outbound access. However, allowing inbound connections to port 3306 is now considered risky since attackers can gain access to the database.

So, in light of the continuous listing of port 3306 as a security vulnerability in PCI scans, direct public access to port 3306 will not be available. However, to access your databases, clients can add their IP to the remote hosts allow file in their respective cpanel. This will give you the same access you had before, but just in a more secure and protected environment.

The aforementioned issue is the biggest client facing issue we see. This is why we want to give you advanced notice of this system change. You will have this week to add your IP, or have your client's add their IP addresses in their respective cpanels as stated earlier. There are additional issues as well, such as Weak SSL ciphers will be disabled, openssh will be upgraded. Apache will also be recompiled and upgraded. This will not be service affecting, as we have a template and a rollout schedule planned.

We have many servers already compliant, but this notice will be for everyone else.

The other issue will be logging into CPanel. We will be posting new secure links for CPanel when they are available.

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