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Posted on 26/08/11 11:37PM

In recent months we have become aware that a small number of our domain names clients have been contacted and supplied with incorrect information by other companies in the web development and hosting field. This incorrect information relates to where the domain name is registered, and that the domain name needs to be transferred to the web developers own management in order to work with their new website. This information is NOT correct. If your domain name is registered through us, it will work with ALL hosting servers/websites/email configurations, no matter what they are. All you or your developer needs to do is change the DNS settings or point the domain records to their servers, which can be done very simply inside your Domain Manager account at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz . You DO NOT need to transfer your domain to your website developer, in order for it to work with your website/email.

Through our Domain Manger system, we provide two comprehensive control panels, that both allow the domain registrant to fully manage all aspects of their domain name, that they have registered through us.

Our Domain Manager Control Panel gives all of our domain clients:

- The ability to manage the contact details associated with that domain, and update them in realtime.
- FREE Email URL Forwarding
- FULL DNS Control
- Ability to setup domain templates where you can setup MX, CNAME and A Records for your domain.
- FREE Complimentary automated domain renewal reminders via email prior to the domains expiry date.
- Instant domain renewal and registration via Credit Card in real-time. This is perfect if your domain name expires or you need to register a new one outside business hours or in the weekend.
-Access to our Expired Domain Auction system, where you can bid for the opportunity to register recently expired domain names.
- 100% NZ based support and 100% NZ owned company. We have also been providing .NZ domain registration/renewal services for over 10 years, making us one of NZs longest established providers. This means we have a vast amount of knowledge of domain names.

All this is provided at no additional fee

The main benefit of using our Domain services is that at all times, .NZ Domain Registrants will have FULL CONTROL over their domain name and services, which clients may not get if the domain gets transferred to their website developers own control.

The potential dangers of moving your domain name to your web designer/developers, or to another hosting provider may potentially include:

- You may lose direct control of the domain, and they may not provide you with a control panel where you can manage the domain name. Many developers will only have a single control panel that they manage all their clients domains through. Therefore they aren’t able to provide you with your own separate control panel.
- They may modify the domains administrative and registrants email address to their own email address. This means that you would neither receive automated domain renewal reminders, nor be able to automatically generate a UDAI code when you need it through the control panel. You would instead be reply on your developer to contact you to remind you to renew your domain name. This could become a major problem if your web designer/developer/host ever disappears or ceases trading, and you are no longer able to contact them.
- They may register your domain under their own name, meaning that on paper they are the legally registrant of your domain, not you.
- They may charge you more for your domain renewal/registration, and they may have other management/service fees for services that we already provide for free.
- You may not be able to renew an expired domain if they are closed, if they don't provide real-time domain renewals. This could lead to substantial website/email downtime, especially if it expires during a holiday.

We have seen all these problems occur in the past, over the last 10 years, and getting a domain name back under the proper domain registrants control can be difficult in some of these cases.

Transferring your domain to another party could mean that you could potentially lose direct control of you domain. Your web developer should never request your UDAI code without telling you why. If they do, you need to ask them why and whether you will still have a control panel for it's management, and that they won't change any of the contact details and email addresses associated with that domain to their own.

We recommend that if you are looking at moving your domain away from our system, that you chose a domain provider that provides a full comprehensive domain name control panel where you still have full control over your domain name at all times. In general we recommend you don't give your UDAI to anyone unless you know exactly what they are going to do with your domain, and that you will continue to be in full control of it. After your domain is transferred away from our management, and you have a problem after this has been done, we will be unable to help you.

We also regularly get contacted by people who are trying to transfer their domain to us, but have been unable to, due to the website developer registering the domain under their own name instead of the correct company. As has been highlighted in the media recently, it is very important that all domain registrants make sure that the domain is registered under their own name and they have full control panel access to that domain to manage it at all times.

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