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Posted on 03/03/11 05:16PM

This announcement only applies to clients on our Corporate and Business Class hosting plans.
Overnight the Datacentre Engineers resolved the ongoing issues with the shared web hosting platform. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened and how they have fixed this problem.

Firstly, it should be mentioned this issue is not related to any other issues over the past couple of months, unfortunately our providers have had a bad run with unrelated systems having major failures causing some disruption to services.

Essentially, the storage our providers use has a previously unknown limitation in the way it allocates disk space. Once total usage reaches approximately 80% the file system starts allocating space using a different method which is very inefficient, despite our providers having plenty of capacity for clients' data.
To resolve this our providers have deleted archived backups that are older than 14 days, unfortunately this simple solution took a substantial amount of investigation, and ruling out of network and other system problems to be discovered.

In addition to the data occupancy issue, our providers identified that single directories housing thousands of files have an adverse effect on performance. A few clients have been identified, however we would like to ask that, if you do have a lot of files on a single directory (10,000+), you look at ways of splitting this up into sub folders or delete unneeded files from the directory. We do offer unmetered diskspace, but this is within reason
Moving forward, our providers already have new storage racked that will double our capacity and ensure our storage needs are covered for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate your tolerance during this difficult time, if you have any questions, or further issues please email us.

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