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Under our General Hosting Terms & Conditions, the following activities are prohibited by Clients, Resellers, Associates, and/or Subordinates.
These terms relate to the provision of Internet services ("the Services") to you ("the Client") by Design Lounge Limited T/A Lounge Network whether as principal or agent. First use of the Services shall constitute acceptance of these terms.

1 -   Abusive Language
    Relaying or posting offensive, harassing, hostile, or abusive language through the Lounge Network.
2 -   Adult Material
    Adult and pornographic content is not permitted on our servers. Please contact us if you have questions about what we consider Adult material to be. Pornography and sex‚Äźrelated merchandising are prohibited on all servers. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or link to adult content elsewhere. This is also true for sites that promote any illegal activity or content that may be damaging to our servers or any other server on the Internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited.
3 -   Background Programs
    Background programs including but not limited to IRC bots, eggdrops, BitchX, Xircon, and others which interfere with server operations are prohibited.
4 -   CGI And PHP Abuse
    Although Lounge Network permits the use of CGI and PHP on most virtual accounts, we must limit the amount of CPU used on any individual account on a shared server. Since the servers are shared by many accounts we can not let a few customers utilise all of the resources on that server which leads to others suffering from lack of resources. When CPU is used greatly and excessively by a few customers it leads to slowness of FTP, sites and much more which may result in errors and failure in accessing the sites on that server. Accounts found in violation of this term will be warned once. The email warning will notify you that too much CGI and/or PHP is running and suggest ways to reduce the usage or upgrade. We reserve the right to DISABLE your CGI/PHP Script if we consider the usage to be excessive or it is not reduced within 24 hours of the email being sent to you. Excessive amount (Lounge Network is the sole determinant of what constitutes degraded server performance) refers to any amount that leads to extensive and considerable degradation and deprivation of server performance.

Here is an official list of banned scripts and script categories.

UltimateBBS (all versions)
Ikonboard (all versions)
psybnc (all versions)
IRC Egg Drops
Proxy Servers
The Anonymizer
All soap mailers.
Chat Rooms
Any gaming server software
Proxy Servers
All scripts (e.g. UBB, YABB) that heavily make use of flat files are prohibited.

Any other language scripts which put high loads on CPU

Please also note that this list can change at anytime and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with our conditions.

5 -   Client Content
    Client agrees NOT to store, disperse, transmit, or exhibit any material of the following nature through any Lounge Network server whether themselves or through a third party.

  A - Discriminatory material based on age, gender, hate, or race.
  B - Defamatory, Offensive, or Insulting material.
  C - Infringement or violation on any intellectual property rights. Including but not limited to: copyright, patent, trademark, or any other property rights of Lounge Network or any third party.
  D - Material containing viruses or other programming defects resulting in damage to Lounge Network or any other third party
  E - Threatening, hostile or harassing material.
  F - Violation of any local, state, national, foreign or international laws.
  G - Violation of any Lounge Network policy.
  H - Content or links to any illegal activity or content, hosted on or off our servers.
  I- Any material that is libelous or slanderous;
  J- any material which is or contains anything obscene, pornographic, or offensive including links to such material
  K- Distribution lists to be used via unsolicited electronic mail or other mass electronic mailings.
  L- file archives of music, videos, images, without permission.
6 -   Export Control
    Exporting encryption software on the internet or to other destinations outside the U.S. is prohibited.
7 -   Illegal And/Or Unauthorized Access To Other Computers Or Networks
    Accessing other party's computers or networks without authorization to do so is prohibited. Any activity that is used as an endeavor to system invasion such as port scan, stealth scan or any other info gathering action is prohibited. Any access to any part of our servers, files, content or similar is prohibited and if found immediate cancellation of account will occur without refund of any payment made to Lounge Network regarding any of our Hosting or Account services, being made to the deactivated sites account payee.
8 -   Intellectual Property Violation
    Lounge Network is required to eliminate or block access to customers' site upon receiving proper notification of copyright violations. The following activities are prohibited under this law; violating property rights of others including but not limited to copyrights, patents (held by individuals, corporations or other.), service marks, software piracy, trademarks, trade secrets, violating privacy and personal rights.
9 -   Software
    Client may only use software from a third party that is properly licensed and is in association with customer's use of service. Client is prohibited to store or distribute any illegal software, music or movies on or from any Lounge Network server.
10 -   SSH and Scripts
    Lounge Network enforces a strict "No SSH" policy on most of our servers. We will also instantly suspend any account that uses a script which can be used to elevate privileges or enable SSH services. In the event that this occurs no refund will be payable to the account holder or payee. If you do require SSH, we maybe able to set it up for you on another one of our other servers.
11 -   No mass email marketing or free email businesses allowed.
    We do not allow mass email marketing sites on our server at all. It doesn't matter even if it's an 'opt-in’ email marketing system' or run as a 'safe list' or 'free email' system, they are all prohibited. We reserve the right to shutdown any such sites that we consider to be harmful to the server's performance, or in breach of the above.
12 -   File Archives
    The server must not be used for the storage of file archives. Only files directly associated with your website may be used on the server.
13 -   Free Email Services
    Free email services are not permitted to be installed on the servers.
14 -   Spamming - Read our spam policy by clicking here

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