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Under our General Hosting Terms & Conditions, the following activities are prohibited by Clients, Resellers, Associates, and/or Subordinates.
These terms relate to the provision of Internet services ("the Services") to you ("the Client") by Design Lounge Limited T/A Lounge Network whether as principal or agent. First use of the Services shall constitute acceptance of these terms.

Unsolicated email has become a major problem on the internet. We will in no shape or form tolerate spamming of any kind. We, Lounge Network reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account without notice or warning that violates this rule. Use of Lounge Network servers signifies acceptance and comprehension of this and every other condition. Lounge Network reserves the right to determine what is considered Spam. Also, to conclude from the evidence presented if the e-mail recipients were from an "opt-in" e-mail list. The following forms of Spamming are prohibited:

A - Bulk Unsolicited Commercial E-mails AKA Spam, promotional material or any other form of advertising or solicitation sent through e-mail that promotes any IP address belonging to Lounge Network or any other domain hosted by Lounge Network is prohibited.
B - Misrepresenting, perjuring, or falsifying all or part of message headers to conceal the true source of the message.
C - Transmitting, promoting, offering, or making accessible software of any kind designed to assist in Spamming.
D - Unwanted postings to newsgroup promoting or advertising any IP or URL hosted by Lounge Network .
E - Use of web pages that permit spamming which directly or indirectly sends clients to IP addresses or domains which are hosted by Lounge Network.

Please refer to "Basic Mailing List Management Principles for Preventing Abuse" for acceptable ways for mailing lists below.

Basic Mailing List Management Principles For Preventing Abuse
Mailing lists are an excellent approach for dispersing information, but they MUST be used correctly. Use the following points as your guide to correct use of mailing lists. (Please make sure and read the Spamming terms above). If you have any questions or want to check the legitimacy of your mailing list please contact us through our website at www.loungenetwork.co.nz.

  A - Verification of New Subscribers
    Mailing addresses of new subscribers must be verified prior to your emailing. You may do this in several ways, i.e. sending an email out to which the subscriber must reply to; you may also send a URL in the email which the subscriber will go to, to complete the verification.
  B - Subscriber Termination
    The administrator of the mailing list must provide a clear and simple method along with such instructions for the subscriber to terminate their subscription at their will. This must be done promptly.
  C - Out of Band Procedure
    The administrator of the mailing list must have a procedure where they may be reached (i.e. via email or phone) for further communication for those who wish to terminate their subscription but do not or will not do it through the automated procedures.
  D - Impact of Mailing on Networks & Hosts
    The administrator of the mailing list must ensure that the list is properly managed, and has minimal impact on the hosting network. This may be done by moderating the list and deleting undeliverable and invalid addresses. You must ensure that the mailing list does not overwhelm other hosting network.
  E - Email Use
    The administrator of mailing list must ensure that the list is not being used for abusive purposes.
  F - Email Address Disclosures
    The administrator of mailing list has full responsibility over the addresses in their possession, and must use adequate protection to prevent their disclosure.
  G - Nature of the Mailing Lists
    Administrator of mailing list is responsible for taking adequate disclosure for the nature, content, subject and frequency of the emails. A subject matter which varies to some degree from that to which the subscriber signed up to, or the frequency of the emails changes, will require the need for a new mailing list. This will need the "opt-in" approval of the subscriber. Existing subscribers should never be subscribed to a new mailing list automatically.


Our servers may not be the source, intermediary, or destination address involved in the transmission of Spam, Flames, or Mail Bombs. Your domain may not be referenced as originator, intermediary, or reply-to address in any of the above.

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