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If you are experiencing an issue with your Website Hosting or Email, please also check our Troubleshooting Your Website FAQs or our Troubleshooting Your Email FAQs, to make sure that the problem isn't at your end or with your ISP, home/office network, or your computer..
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RSS Subscribe New Extension .kiwi.nz to become available from 12pm on the 11th September
Posted on 07/09/12 05:05PM

InternetNZ have provisionally approved a new second-level NZ domain, .kiwi.nz, and we will be processing provisional registrations from 12pm on the launch day of 11th September 2012. However you can a submit a request to us now, for us to provisionally register a .kiwi.nz domain for you, when we begin to process them from 12pm on the 11th September. Please read below for more information.
.kiwi.nz is being launched slightly differently to how new .nz extensions have been done in the past, with a provisional registration period where the domains can only be provisional registered for a maximum of three months. Further, these domains cannot be used ‘live’ until more than 500 .kiwi.nz domains have been provisional registered, which MUST happen within the first month.

Everyone who is interested in getting a .kiwi.nz domain must understand these restrictions. During the provisional period - domains can’t be used, there is a maximum three month provisional registration period, and the fact that .kiwi.nz may not go live at all. Should the .kiwi.nz not go live, the registration fee you pay us will be lost (The Domain Name Commissioner will not be refunding any provisional registrations). Please note that we have no control over any of this.

The Provisional registration fee for .kiwi domains will be $50+GST ($57.50 inc GST) per domain for a 3 month provisional registration period.(non refundable)
This 3 month registration period will be applied should the domains be made live, otherwise it won’t. Payment must be received by us before we can proceed in the provisional registration process in the 11th September. You are able to pre pay us in advance before the 11th of September, if you want avoid any payment delays, but the money must be in our bank account before provisional registration can take place. Provisional registrations are done manually and are done on a first come/first served basis, and we will be processing all provisional registrations from 12pm on the launch day of 11th September 2012, in the order we receive them, providing payment has been received.
We don't guarantee that you will get the domain/s you pay for, if someone else registers the domain before we do. If the domain/s you have chosen are unavailable, we will contact you to choose another. We however won’t provide any refunds, so you must chose an alternative and must be chosen within 7 days of our request to you.

For people wanting to provisionally register a .kiwi.nz domain, please copy the text below and paste it in an email and send it to us at domains@loungenetwork.co.nz , with the Subject: Provisional .kiwi.nz domain request.

If you want to register multiple domains, please repeat the process, by sending us additional email.

Provisional .kiwi.nz domain request.
First Choice Domain: .kiwi.nz
Second Choice Domain: .kiwi.nz
Third Choice Domain: .kiwi.nz
Fourth Choice Domain: .kiwi.nz
Fifth Choice Domain: .kiwi.nz

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:
Phone: + - -

End copied text


After emailing us your Provisional .kiwi.nz Domain Request, please make payment of $57.50 into our bank account below, using your first choice .kiwi.nz domain as the reference. If you are wanting to provisionally register more than one .kiwi.nz domain, please make separate payments, each with the ‘first choice of domain’ as the reference.

Payment can be made to our bank account at
Account Name: Design Lounge Ltd.
Account Number: 06 0501 0900613 00
Bank: National Bank of New Zealand
Ref: You’re your first choice .kiwi.nz domain above.

Please note that sending us a provisional domain registration request for .kiwi.nz domains, means that you have read and agree to our provisional registration terms and restrictions above, as well as our normal .NZ Domain Registration terms at http://www.loungenetwork.co.nz/conditions/conditions_domain_nz.htm

Should .kiwi.nz domains gain approval (eg it reaches 500 provisional registrations in the first month etc.), future domain renewal pricing for additional terms after the 3 month registration period will be the same as our other .nz domains. This is currently $39.95+GST per year. There is a 12 month minimum renewal period, ad you can register .nz domains up to 10 years.

RSS Subscribe CPanel standard web hosting plans have been upgraded.
Posted on 07/09/12 04:26PM

As part of our 12th Birthday Celebrations, we are pleased to announce that we have upgraded most of our Standard Web Hosting Plans. Most now include significantly more diskspace and bandwidth. Many have had their quotas DOUBLED.

All current clients who are on those affected standard web hosting plans, have been automatically upgraded. For those clients who are on custom built hosting plans, and want them upgrading you will need to contact us to review the quotas on your plan. You may only need to contact us though, if you are close to reaching your diskspace or bandwidth quotas.

Over our 12 years of operation, we have continued to regularly upgrade our web hosting plans, providing our clients with more value for money, whilst also balancing this with providing a Premium quality service and top level server reliability. Our web hosting services are some of the best and most reliable in New Zealand, which is part of the reason why we are one of New Zealand’s longest serving web hosting providers.

RSS Subscribe Google Pagespeed Now added to our Unmetered hosting plans.
Posted on 30/08/12 02:45PM

Google Pagespeed is now available to clients on our Unmetered Linux hosting plans. It is set to 'Off' by default.

To enable Google PageSpeed you simply need add the following to your sites .htaccess:

ModPagespeed on

You must be on our Unmetered Corporate or Business Linux plans for this to work.

For more information on Google Pagespeed, please visit https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/

RSS Subscribe .kiwi.nz domains will be available from the 11 September 2012
Posted on 30/08/12 02:42PM

.kiwi.nz domains will be available for registration through our Lounge Network Domain Manager from the afternoon of 11 September 2012. They can be registered from this date though our Domain Manager system at www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz

Please note that there is a 500 domain threshold before their .kiwi.nz domains will be be delegated to DNS during the provisional registration phase. This basically means that .kiwi.nz domains wont work until they hit the 500 threshold. So if they don't reach that threshold, they won't be delegated. More info can be found at http://dnc.org.nz/story/internetnz-approves-new-second-level-domain-kiwinz

RSS Subscribe New .kiwi.nz domain extension approved
Posted on 24/08/12 04:20PM

The .kiwi.nz domain has been approved by internet NZ, and will be available for pre registration from 10am on Tuesday, 11 September 2012. All going well it should be available to the general public shortly after this from inside our Domain Manager system at http://www.domains.loungenetwork.co.nz. However according to the media release, there is a 500 minimum registration threshold before they will be activated, so if that is not achieved, .kiwi.nz will not become active.

Media release from internet NZ below

InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce that it has approved the creation of a new second level domain in the .nz domain name space - .kiwi.nz. This expands the range of choice New Zealanders have in the domain name market and means that people will soon be able to register personalised domain names ending in .kiwi.nz.
The implementation of .kiwi.nz is being managed by InternetNZ’s subsidiary company the Domain Name Commission Ltd. Authorised .nz registrars will be able to take registrations for these names from 10am on Tuesday, 11 September 2012.

Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan describes the .kiwi.nz application as fitting perfectly with its previously published criteria for new second-level domains. Under its current policy, a new second level domain can be created if it:

· represents an identifiable, significant community of interest.
· represents an on-going and long-lived community of interest.
· does not conflict with, duplicate or cause confusion about, any existing second-level domain and is a useful addition to the current DNS (Doman Name System) hierarchy.
· uses a name to represent the domain that is an obvious derivative of a word that properly describes the community of interest, e.g. .org.nz for organisation, or a complete word, e.g. .maori.nz.
· does not bring the .nz domain name space into disrepute.

InternetNZ President Frank March says, “The .kiwi.nz application clearly met these requirements and should be an option for .nz registrants. The InternetNZ Council agreed that it met all the policy requirements and so approved it. We congratulate the Domain Name Commission for undertaking an open and transparent consultation process with the community.”

“The policy for evaluating a new second-level domain takes into account existing second-level domains in .nz but not possible future changes, such as direct registration under .nz (which is currently being consulted on) or new generic Top Level Domains that may or may not be introduced at some point in the future.”

The application for the creation of .kiwi.nz was received in April 2012. A 25-day period of public consultation followed, with 14 submissions received. After considering these submissions, the Domain Name Commission recommended to InternetNZ that the domain be created.

Monahan says that as part of introducing a new .nz second level domain, a threshold of registrations must be received before the domain is made active.

“We encourage those interested in securing a .kiwi.nz registration to contact a .nz registrar and ask what they need to do to obtain the name of their choice in the .kiwi.nz zone.

“Registrars will advise prospective registrants that if the threshold of 500 for .kiwi.nz is not met, .kiwi.nz will not be made active and they won’t have their name but we think it is a great opportunity for people to get a true ‘kiwi’ tone into their domain names,” she says.

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RSS Subscribe Unscheduled Server Maintenance:

RSS Subscribe Wellington Earthquakes and Office disruptions
Posted on 14/11/16 01:36PM

As you may already know Wellington and upper parts of the South Island were rocked by a severe earthquake this morning, causing quite a bit of damage. The regions continues to be rocked by severe aftershocks. We hope everyone is safe and ok across NZ.

Our main office has been disrupted by the Wellington earthquakes. As a result of the quakes, we have had periods of no power or internet  access. So this may affect our ability to respond to enquiries during this time. We may have more power outages as aftershocks continue to strike our offices. 

Our web hosting services however are not affected in anyway. The servers are housed in professional datacentres in Auckland, Wellington and overseas, and are designed to withstand these types of earthquakes. So please bear with us during this time.

RSS Subscribe Auckland Wide Intermittent Network Issue - Resolved
Posted on 05/08/16 01:41PM


We are aware that there are currently intermittent network issues in the Auckland region affecting all providers. This is affecting some customers from accessing systems on the Lounge Networks, and the wider internet. Our network engineers are monitoring this issue and working with upstream providers where appropriate to minimise the impact on our customers.

Update: Our upstream has confirmed that this issue is now resolved.

RSS Subscribe Auckland Network Outage 22/07 - Incident Report
Posted on 22/07/16 10:17AM

There was a brief outage of approximately 45 minute at the Auckland Datacentre this morning. As it was a fault with the datacentre and our Upstream providers network, it was a fault that affected many other providers. This outage only affected clients on this network, and none of our Cpanel based customers. 
At 9:05am, our upstream providers automated alerting system notified of an issue with their core network and their engineers began investigating.   
A switch in the datacentres network was identified as causing a routing issue across the platform; once identified, the switch was removed and the availability of the network was restored.  
All services were restored and systems back online by 9.50am. These types of issues are rare, but can happen with our upstream providers network if there is a hardware failure with a key piece of the network.
Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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