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RSS Subscribe Urgent Maintenance: Parts Replacement on Storage Array on Albany Network
Posted on 16/05/13 10:20PM

Following the outage on Wednesday on the Albany Network, urgent maintenance is being carried out on the affected Storage Array, while the datacentre techs replace certain components marked as faulty between 12am and 6am on 17/05/2013 (overnight tonight). This will allow the network to restore full redundancy.


Due to the redundant nature of the networks SAN, our providers do not expect any service unavailability during this time. Volumes currently active on the problematic controller will be failed over to the other controller, to help further mitigate against a possible impact.
As a precaution the datacentre have scheduled it for the early hours of the morning and they will have multiple engineers on standby in case of any unforeseen issues.


This has been completed successfully, and no abnormal impact was observed on Virtual Servers.
Full redundancy has now been restored.

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