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Posted on 22/08/11 06:00PM

Updated 25-8-2011 - This should now be resolved.

This announcement only applies to our NZ based hosting servers in the Auckland datacentre.

We are aware that Telecom / Xtra / Yahoo are delaying emails which are forwarded or sent directly to @Xtra email addresses, from our providers SMTP servers. This problem is affecting many New Zealand hosting providers, not just us, and is solely an issue at Telecom / Xtra / Yahoo's end, with them blocking legitimate email.

Our providers have spoken to Telecom/Xtra's Complex Internet team and asked if they could make the unblock a priority as there are literally thousands of messages queued, awaiting delivery to Xtra email addresses. They said they would do their best, but they were reliant on an Australian Yahoo team and that we should expect at least 24 hours for the servers to be unblocked. This is obviously far too long a time-frame, but there is nothing further we can do to encourage them to accept mail from our upstream providers.

If you have been adversely affected by this or have any questions, we would suggest contacting Telecom/Xtra directly. We have also had this type of problem in the past, and it is an ongoing problem with Xtras/Yahoos spam protection systems, which affects most NZ hosting providers from time to time. As Telecom/Xtra/ Yahoos mail servers are run and managed offshore, not in New Zealand. We therefore don't have direct contact with them, so all we can do is wait for Telecom New Zealand to communicate the problem to their offshore Yahoo email team.

We recommend that in the meantime, you use your ISPs outgoing (SMTP) server instead of ours while the block is in-place. If possible, we recommend converting Xtra email forwards to mailboxes on our servers. That way you can bypass Yahoos services altogether.

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