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Posted on 28/06/11 11:10AM

Services impacted: Email incoming services only. Only clients on our Albany hosting cluster are affected.

Our providers are experiencing a mail queue and at the same rate, there is an authentication problem that they are working on. Some of our email that is sent to us, is also being affected so we may not be able to reply to some emails until this is fixed.

None of your emails will be lost, they are in our queue and will be delivered as soon as our upstream providers fix the problem on their end.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update: Our providers anticipate approximately one and half hour to resolve this problem. They have decided to do a file system check on the file server that looks after the emails in our cluster. We do apologise for this inconvenient time, however, in the light of things, we had to do the file system check to avoid any data loss.

Update: 1:20pm:
Due to the large amount of data on the drives our providers anticipate a further one and a half hours for the file check to finish. We sincerely do apologise for the delay, but it is important this is carried out.

Update: 3pm:
Our providers estimate a further 2 hours to complete the disk check process and system restoration.
We apologise for the old ETA given earlier, as the process is taking our providers a lot longer than they initially estimated, due to the number of files on the servers.

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