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RSS Subscribe Outages at the Albany Auckland Datacentre on the 7/02/2011
Posted on 08/02/11 01:35PM

Yesterday as you may be aware there was an extended outage that affected email, web sites and a number of other servers that rely on the datacenters load balancers. We would firstly like to apologise for this downtime; we understand that your web site and email are critical to your business.
We would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened and what is being done to prevent this happening in the future.

Around 1:30pm yesterday, a software bug on one of our providers load-balancers (LB1) was triggered causing it to become unstable and lock-up (online but not serving content), the service then failed to migrate to the 2nd load balancer due to LB1 being locked-up rather than offline.
Engineers immediately attempted to restore service but were unable to do so remotely; forcing them to reboot the server at the data-center, bringing it back online.
Around 4:40pm, the issue recurred and required the same process to bring services back online. This caused about 1.5 hours of service disruption.

What are we doing to prevent this happening again?

Our providers have removed the affected load-balancer from the server cluster; the engineers will replicate the issue in a lab environment and attempt to resolve it permanently.
In general, this architecture has served us well and has run for years without a failure; we are confident with the software bug patched we can look forward to no further disruptions of this nature.

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