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Posted on 13/01/11 06:20PM

We have had several clients (those that use CPanel), who have had trouble recently sending emails through their email client software (eg MS Outlook). All these clients appear to be using our servers SMTP server for sending their emails, instead of their ISPs outgoing mail server. All these clients appear to use Telecom / Xtra as their ISP. It appears telecom have made recent changes on their network, that maybe causing this problem. We do know that they can block port 25, which is the normal outgoing mailserver port, therefore all CPanel clients should be using port 26 or port 8025 in their outgoing mailserver settings.

If you are a telecom user, please send your emails via telecoms / xtras SMTP server, and that will fix the problem.

All Telecom / Xtra cusomters also must authenticate their domain based email address with Telecom Xtra if you haven't already done so. Instructions for doing this can be found at http://tinyurl.com/yahooxtrasmtp
If you have any problems sending email via Telecom Xtras SMTP server please contact Telecom Xtra at 0800 110 050, and they will be able to help you set up the above settings for your domain based email address.
We have more information about troubleshooting outgoing email issues at the following link.


Due to more and more ISPs blocking outside SMTP outgoing mailservers for antispam reasons, we don't provide any support for our SMTP servers, and you use them at your own risk. We recommend that you use your ISPs SMTP settings for sending all your email.

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